Build a Home for
Connection and Creativity

At Curtis School, we share an overriding purpose to build our children’s foundation and set them up to be the empathetic collaborators our world needs.

To amplify our legacy of thinking forward about elementary education, we’ve embarked on a multi-phased initiative that begins with the Collaborative Learning and Innovation Center: a hub for collaborative excellence—co-designed by Curtis teachers—where teaching and learning will intertwine between the scientific, artistic, and physical.

With your support of our Think Forward campaign, Curtis students will develop unmatched dexterity of thought, and each mind, body, and heart will joyfully connect at every turn.

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Introducing the CLIC

The Collaborative Learning and Innovation Center will provide space for students to seamlessly follow their passions—wherever they lead.

When we take down the walls between classrooms, subjects, grade levels, and the outside—in this case literally—students develop into curious and dexterous problem solvers. This new 21,000ft 3-story building houses all our arts, science, and technology classrooms under one roof.

Campaign Updates

Fall 2022

Formed the Think Foward Cabinet

Spring 2023

30 year master plan approved by Los Angeles County

Fall 2023

Launch the Think Forward Campaign

Winter 2023

Begin Utilization Relocation

Summer 2024

Estimated start date to begin construction on the Collaborative Learning and Innovation Center

Summer 2025

Anticipated completion of the Collaborative Learning and Innovation Center

Fall 2025

Curtis School celebrates its centennial year

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Endeavor to “think forward” about Curtis School—and elementary education.

Minds, bodies, and hearts will be engaged at Curtis School like never before, in inspiring facilities infused with discovery and the joy of learning.

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