Think Forward Partners: The Panguluri Patel Family

Panguluri Family Photo

Our decision to invest is rooted in the recognition that opportunities so closely aligned with our family values are rare and fleeting.

As fervent believers and supporters of STEAM education, and with a genuine passion for its impact, we understand that projects like the CLIC Building are unique and vital in preparing our children for the future of work and life. Supporting Curtis and the CLIC building provides us with an opportunity to enhance our daughter’s education and that of thousands of students who will come after her. For our family, this is an incredible opportunity to have a lasting meaningful impact on the school and its students.

Mili Patel & Srini Panguluri
Parents of Mia ’28, and Dylan

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Endeavor to “think forward” about Curtis School—and elementary education.

Minds, bodies, and hearts will be engaged at Curtis School like never before, in inspiring facilities infused with discovery and the joy of learning.

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