Think Forward Partners: The Lee Family

The school has been a gift to my children, so this is my way to say thank you to those who have come before us – and to do my part to invest in the future of the school when the moment asks us of it.

When we were looking at schools for our first child, Curtis was a school that stood out to us because its educational approach truly embodied the whole child. The school seamlessly blended the traditional with the progressive, balanced the academics with the sports and extracurriculars, and equally put left and right brained children on the podium. The interdisciplinary approach to learning we thought was so critical for our children was already weaved into the fabric of the school – as a part of its identity. To us, this building [Think Forward] represents another step forward in this mission.

The CLIC building will provide state-of-the-art facilities to further level-up the interdisciplinary approach to learning that attracted us to Curtis in the first place. We are grateful all three of our children will be able to experience this building, and we are excited to witness how the Curtis community will grow from it. You see, as it turns out, Curtis is so much more than just a place for our children to learn. It has become our community, our friends, and our family. It is a place we feel seen – and by supporting Think Forward, we hope our positive experience will carry forward for many future Cougar generations to come.

Lee Chu & Jongmin Lee
Parents of Iris ’28, Astrid, & Amias

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Endeavor to “think forward” about Curtis School—and elementary education.

Minds, bodies, and hearts will be engaged at Curtis School like never before, in inspiring facilities infused with discovery and the joy of learning.

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