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Mark Gutierrez & Andrew Beckmeyer

Our students are going to have opportunities to seamlessly flow back and forth between rooms, integrating science, art, and technology. That opens up all sorts of new avenues in our curriculum.

One of the projects that we imagine students doing is building a semi-functioning model of an amusement park. The kids would create a massive blueprint with integrated pathways and rides and shops drawn on paper. They’d then use CAD design software to make it come to life, using technology to see it in scale and in 3D and from different views. With a much clearer idea of what they want to build, they will cut wood, use cardboard, and cut shapes to perfectly match up to the more advanced map they created in CAD. The kids can even go further, designing more advanced rides that could be 3D printed, so they could go down to the 3D printing area, print those out, bring them back, and put those moving 3D printed rides or attractions into their amusement park model.

Mark Gutierrez & Andrew Beckmeyer

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